I situate politics into a multidisciplinary universe. You cannot teach strictly from political science and know everything about the concerns of our field. I use history to develop the perception of the subject over time. And I use tools in philosophy to raise ethical concerns, critique belief and show the subject from a transformative aspect. These approaches make courses more thought-provoking.

I incorporate much technology. I make meticulous use of PowerPoint slides that control screen elements as they are spoken about, to focus student attention. I use classroom “clickers” to record class participation, capture verbal engagement and keep students attentive. I strategically mix polls and questions into the lecture, so that students become interactive with material as they are exposed to it. I also have an immense library of very short movie clips that are incorporated into my presentations. The clips help convey complicated intellectual ideas through drama and portrayal. They put students right in the action of an intellectual controversy. I do this so that the subject comes to life, and so that they can see the connections of idea elements .